From idea to investor pitch in five weeks

Newly founded startup, VR, was struggling to get ready for the fast approaching investor meeting. Through a structured and critical approach, they were able to reach internal alignment on key objectives, uncover and develop a strong business plan and integrated brand identity, as well as a solid foundation in just five weeks.

VR was founded early 2017 by three individual business owners. With many years accumulated and complementary experience from the shipping industry, they had identified an industry-changing opportunity. In July 2017, VR was preparing their business plan and with investor meetings coming up the following autumn they were keen to get the foundation in place.

During the first meeting VR introduced their current pains, in particular getting the business plan ready, as well as their wish to create a brand from the beginning. After thorough discussions and identification of the urgent goal: getting ready for the investor meetings, we identified the immediate objectives, and prioritized them.

In between and on the four subsequent meetings, we worked our way through’s business plan template, including competency-, market-, and target customer analysis and discussed uncovered risks. This led to the development of the brand platform (product concept in this case).

By the end of the process, VR had achieved

  • Internal alignment on business purpose and objectives as well as the product scope
  • A strong and complete business plan
  • A perfectly company-, product-, market-, and customer-targeted product concept
  • A draft investor pitch and presentation outline

Through a structured approach, VR was able to get from idea to pitch in five weeks.

Valuable lessons made by
During the VR project, it became apparent that the business plan template developed by was insufficient for several reasons including differences in identification of the idea and lack of a detailed system requirement specifications and revenue stream analysis. All these parts have been added to our template together with a detailed analysis for businesses in need of funding.

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